Casey Anthony and Her Attorneys Spew More Outrage.

July 18, 2011.

It was not enough that jurors on the case gave Casey Anthony THE GIFT of "not guilty".  She spent only a paltry ten days in jail and was released at 12:11 A.M. on July 17, 2011.

But now it seems, Ms. Anthony also refuses to admit she lied to law enforcement.

In a motion filed by her attorney, Jose Baez, on Friday, July 15th, Ms. Anthony wants to appeal the four counts of 'Lying to Law Enforcement' charges dropped.  But wait ... Baez already admitted, and the jury already convicted her of, lying to police in open court, so how is that going to work? Whatever the case, Florida tax payers will be picking up the bill for that exercise in futility also, which will no doubt clog up the courts for yet another two years.  So far the tab is $4.5 Million.

Also known as the 'inmate's bankruptcy filing' the appeal is an obvious move to protect Anthony from having to pay the half-million dollar invoice she will soon be receiving from law enforcement ... if they an find her, that is ... and another invoice from the State for a cool million.  (So much for that book deal.)  And now, the general public doesn't know whom to be  more upset with.  Anthony, the defense attorneys, or the jury?

In her Nightline interview last week, Casey Anthony juror, Jennifer Ford, commented on the case as though she had not attended a single day of trial.

“Who, where, what, when, why … Those things were never answered … I’m still confused.  If you ask anyone in America, they won’t be able to tell you what happened to that child.”

Did she really say that?  Did she really presume to speak for the rest of us? Then, she admitted to the interviewer, Terry Moran, that she and the other jurors were put off by the method of punishment, which in this case, was death, and therefore they could not bring themselves to render a guilty verdict.  The question now begs … why didn’t they decide on the far lesser verdict of manslaughter?
  First cause of action:  failing to follow the judge's instructions.

Meantime, the hits keep coming.  On July 12, Greta Van Susteran interviewed the foreman, Juror #11, and asked him about the chloroform in the trunk of the car, to which he answered, "Well, there wasn't enough to convince us."  So, why didn't they call on forensic data to determine how much it takes to kill a small child?  Second cause of action:  failing to seek clarification.

Backlash against the Casey Anthony jurors has only just begun, and there is no reason why it should subside any time soon. 
Further suspicious is the fact that the jurors blatantly disregarded the judge’s specific instructions.  Judge Belvin Perry instructed them NOT to consider the penalty phase during deliberation, and work only on the verdict, but Jennifer Ford admitted they ignored this admonition. 
Prosecutor Jeff Ashton said during one of many interviews last week, that by ignoring the judge's instructions they broke the law.  It could very well be the first of many causes of action we have against them.

In his article entitled, Contaminating the Verdict: The Problem With Jury Misconduct, by Bennett L. Gershman, writes, "Citizens act as the conscience of the community … and if they don’t get justice, chaos breaks out.”

The jurors hardly acted as the conscience of Orlando, or Pinellas County, for that matter.  Jury foreman #11 continued his discussion with Van Susteren and delivered even more eyebrow raisers.  She asked him about Cindy Anthony’s chloroform searches. “Do you believe it was Cindy who ran those searches?”  Incredibly, the foreman said. “Well, there was speculation about that too.”

Wait a minute!
   Two of Cindy’s bosses took the stand and testified, with TIME CARDS admitted into evidence, that Cindy was AT WORK during those hours, and could not possibly have used the home computer to run those searches.  Needless to say, her testimony on this point was IMPEACHED on live television.  And yet, the jury rejected this ironclad evidence as nothing more than “speculation", even though the Defense did not even dispute this.  Third cause of action:  deliberately ignoring hard evidence due to bias.

Furthermore, no jury could ever deliberate six weeks of forensic evidence  – valid or not  -  in only 11.5 hours. and not even that long.  Take out two hours for lunches on both days and what we’re looking at is only 9.5 hours to deliberate.  It's a well-known fact that the instruction manuals alone can take up to 5 hours to read.  We discussed this teensy-weensy time-frame with two friends of ours, both physicists, and they agreed this would be impossible to do, even for them.  Fourth cause of action:  failing to deliberate.

The Casey Anthony jurors have called ten police detectives, three police officers, two police dogs, 6 other citizens, and countless CSI and FBI specialists LIARS TO THEIR FACE.   We wonder if any of them were aware that there was not exactly “live video” of Scott Peterson murdering his wife and unborn child, and yet those jurors DID THEIR JOB. 

Next, is the Defense Team’s appalling behavior and tactics.  First, consider their ever-changing story line, which proves the 'pool drowning' theory is a total fabrication. Take a look…

1)  First, came the “nanny took the baby at Saw Grass Apartments” story.  2) Then came the “nanny and her sister held down Casey at the park” story.   3)  Later, in 2009, Linda Kenney-Baden (officially on the defense team at the time), told 48 Hours … “A stranger killed Caylee”.  4)  Their story morphed again at trial with … “Caylee drowned in the pool”. 

Okay, so which is it?  Someone should investigate them for allegations 3) and 4)  since it proves the 'pool drowning' was a total fabrication.  Cheney Mason will now argue, "The Constitution allows us to do that." 

Well apparently, the general public has had enough. In an unprecedented move by citizens, a petition has just been started on  It demand that the federal government indict Casey Anthony again on murder charges, under the "Dual Sovereignty" clause.  The petition gained tons of momentum with 5,000 signatures just this weekend. 

Chris Warren of Stony Brook, New York, started the petition to force the federal government to take action against Anthony, under the little-known legal criminal justice code known as 'Dual Sovereignty'.  On the site Warren states:  "Casey Anthony should be found guilty of a variety of other Federal crimes, in a US Federal Court, under the [the doctrine]." 

The petition will be forwarded to the US Attorney's Office at the Middle District of Florida, upon receiving an adequate number of electronic signatures, .along with a Citizen Complaint Intake Form; the official document that gets the whole thing rolling.  Under the Dual Sovereignty Doctrine,  criminals are apparently not protected from 'double jeopardy'.  In all truth, this action sounds so very dangerous and should be used only with great care. However, in the case of Casey Anthony, and her future million dollar earnings ... we don't mind.  

To sign the petition, go to:  and enter:   Let's Get Federal Justice For Caylee Marie Anthony

Voting for the Bad Guy?

Most disturbing of all is this new revelation  ... On the weekend of July 15th, HLN, Fox and CNN ran coverage about a trial consultant named Amy Singer. The Defense Team hired Singer and her firm to cruise social websites these past three years to determine which player in the Casey Anthony debacle people hated the most, and of course, George Anthony came up as MHP (most hated player).  Singer told Jane Velez-Mitchell on Friday that she passed this information onto Jose Baez early on for his consideration. In turn, Baez stuck George's penis in Casey's mouth ... and the rest is history. 

Jose Baez and Cheney Mason LIED to the jury and the public, and yet, to this day, they boast  that the Constitution "worked on Casey's behalf" and set her free.   However, where is it written in the Constitution that lawyers have free license to ruin someone's good name, reputation and livelihood, in order to raise reasonable doubt?  Legal analysts on Fox and HLN agreed Baez's tactics should not be repeated at trial ever again, for obvious reasons.  For instance, based on this strategy, next time there is another criminal trial, we can all vote on the person we like the least ...  the Negro, Jew, Latino ... or anyone we don't happen to like, and "blame the murder on them".

Media personnel might want to reconsider brown-nosing Jose Baez and Cheney Mason just because they won the case. Winning by default is not really a win. They didn't win the case exercising the Constitution. They won using fraudulent accusations.  Hence, peppering the defense attorneys with phrases like …”masterful” and “smart” ... is probably not something Orlandoans want to hear right now. The community has been hurt enough.

The Florida State Attorney General’s Office should investigate these jurors and force them to give a full account as to how they spent the 9.5 hours.  The Attorney General
should also check their case law and determine whether it’s acceptable for a state licensed attorney to use outrageous and unethical strategies in defense of a client. Baez’s strategy was the most dishonorable spectacle that any of us have ever seen in American legal history. At least the O.J. jurors had an excuse. The gloves didn't fit. These jurors have none whatsoever.

At best, Baez should be held partially accountable for the $500,000 invoice his client will soon be getting from the OC Sheriff’s Department, and a second invoice for $112,000 from Texas Equusearch, the corporation that searches for missing people funded by public donations.  After all, Baez claims that he knew Caylee was already dead by June 16, 2008, while 4,200 volunteers searched under the scorching Florida sun for the child, and law enforcement expemded time, money and resources that could have been focused on ‘real’ missing children. No wonder Baez scrambled to get talent representation last week. He needs money from interview fees to pay those invoices!

Oh yeah sure, Baez will argue during the debtor’s arbitration that his knowledge of Caylee’s early death was “attorney work product” which he did not have to disclose. That might work in court, but will it really work with the people of Orlando? If he's smart, he should prepare for the onslaught of protestors bashing down his door.

Now this just in ... On July 13, defense attorney Dorothy Clay Sims appeared on the Joy Behar show and, predictably, sang praises of Casey Anthony. "I felt very comfortable around her." Then Behar dropped the bomb.  "Would you trust Casey with your own children ... or grandchildren?" Clay Sims' response was completely unexpected.  It took the woman a full MINUTE to formulate an answer.  In fact, we predict it will be the loudest silence heard around the world.  Clay Sims, in all her polite reflection, clearly would never allow Anthony near her children. 

And then, there’s Cheney Mason.  Considering himself to be the senior statesman of the Constitution, he actually believes it was the Constitution that set Anthony free.  O
nce the killer was set free, Mason wagged his fingers at the "talking heads" referring to cable network legal analysts, and said, "I hope you've all learned your lesson!"  However, two-thirds of the country agree with the "talking heads".  Mason also believes he accomplished something important here, something honorable. Someone should tell him the Constitution is NOT greater than JUSTICE ... especially where a dead baby is concerned.

Judging from his post-trial remarks, it seems Mason couldn’t care less if any of us had our throats slit by the Night Stalker. He would stand over us and watch as we gurgle to death on the sidewalk … as long as he can sing the praises of the Constitution. Don’t be surprised if you see him “relieve himself” at Caylee’s dump site.

It was also reported that the Mrs. Cheney Mason has been ousted from certain Orlando social circles because of her husband's defense of Casey Anthony.  No doubt, he will have to muffle Mrs. Mason’s late-night sobs for some time to come, because they won’t be invited back to The Country Club any time soon. Mr. Mason commits further social suicide by making reckless remarks during his interview with HLN’s Jean Cesares.  Referring to Casey Anthony’s appalling behavior during the 31 days the child was missing, he said:

“The next month really is irrelevant to the rest of case.”

Is that right Mr. Mason?  Is it really irrelevant when a parent fails to report their missing child, or that the child died?  Well, contrary to his outrageous remark, the entire nation is getting ready to kick his Constitutional Ass.   Within 72 hours after the verdict, over one million people signed petitions to pass CAYLEE’S LAW in 18 states.  Apparently, We The People do believe a missing child is “relevant”.  

And now back to Ms. Ford and company …

Here is a collection of her outrageous remarks, and the general public's response:

“If you cannot prove the motive, you cannot prover their was a murder!

Public Response:    Ms. Ford, we didn't know that you're an attorney.  Had you and the other jurors listened to the judge's instructions (or even read them) you would have realized that MOTIVE IS NOT NECESSARY to convict on murder. 

" If you don’t know what the crime is, you cannot determine the punishment!"

Public Response:   Ms. Ford, which part of smell of .... "decomposition in Casey's car" ...  did you not understand?  Which part of ..."duct tape around Caylee's skull" ... did you not understand?  And which part of ... "accident made to look like a murder" ... did you not understand?  And again Ms. Ford, the judge told you that it was NOT your job to determine punishment. That was HIS job.

"There was not enough evidence"

Public Response:   Casey and the baby left the house at 1 PM.  She showed up at her boyfriend’s house at 6 PM without the baby.  The 'drowning theory' is completely impeached because the entire nation knows that no one makes a drowning look like a murder.  Furthermore, when Lee asked Casey why they couldn't get the baby right there and then, she said ...

“Maybe I’m a spiteful bitch.”

2.  If you cannot prove there was a murder?

Public response:   What were you trying to imply with this remark, Ms. Ford?  That it’s okay to wrap duct tape around a child’s face? 
Tell you what Ms. Ford ... grab some little girl off the street ... and wrap duct tape around mouth, nose and hair (which proved permanent intent) and watch what happens next.  You would find yourself in jail within the hour.
Ms. Ford, if you could not accept the “smell test” and the “chloroform” controversy … you should have at least accepted the  testimonies of law enforcement personnel.  And because you didn't, you called all of them LIARS!   You should also have realized that when someone wraps duct tape around your mouth, it because they want you to stop talking!

"I did not say she was innocent!"

Public Response:  Ms. Ford, if you and the other jurors felt sick to your stomachs, that was your conscience confirming you made a grave mistake.  If she was not innocent, you should not have let a killer go free.  You also admitted that you found the forensics confusing.  So, you should have asked for clarification during deliberations. That was your job.

May the jurors “feel sick to your stomachs” until you admit you let a killer go free.  May you suffer cold shoulders, ridicule and whispers behind your backs for many years to come.  May you be ousted from chili restaurants forever, until you … in the famous words of Cheney Mason … learned your lesson.

And finally this … There is no doubt that someone, somewhere will attempt try to mortally wound Casey Anthony
(not that we condone this).  Once that happens, the defense attorney have no one but themselves to blame. Had Casey Anthony served just ‘a little' more time in prison, public outrage would have been defused. 

Too late now.